Preventing eczema in babies


Target Audience: Those looking to treat or prevent eczema (atopic dermatitis).

Summary: In this research from the USA and UK, parents of children who had previously had a child with eczema (atopy) were asked to use daily barrier creams on their newborn babies for 6 months. They were then compared to babies who didn’t use creams. At 6 months of age there was a 50% reduction in the development of eczema in the children who used creams, suggesting this may be a safe and effective treatment for children at risk of developing eczema.

Article Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 

Published Date: October 2014

Article Link: Emollient enhancement of the skin barrier from birth offers effective atopic dermatitis prevention

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Rate of fatal anaphylaxis in the United States: A 12 year review


Target Audience: Those with allergy and their families

Summary: There has been a lot of news in the media of late relating to food-related allergy.  The tragic deaths of a number of young adults from food-related anaphylaxis has raised the profile of the condition, but also increased concern amongst families living with allergic disease. This recent article reviewing deaths from allergic reactions in the US over a 12 year period highlights that anaphylaxis remains a relatively rare cause of death, and that reactions to drugs (medications) are the most likely cause.

Article Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Published Date: December 2014

Article Link:

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Allergic reaction linked to residual antibiotics in food


Target Audience: Those with drug (antibiotic) allergy / hypersensitivity

Summary: This is an interesting case description investigating allergic reactions linked to residual antibiotics in food

Article Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Published Date: September 2014

Article Link:

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Parents with Milk and Egg Allergic Children are the Most Worried

Target Audience: Parents of children with food allergy

Summary: TIME magazine review of recent research from America showing that . A survey of 305 caregivers showed that parents of children with egg and milk allergies had higher levels of stress and anxiety in dealing with their children’s dietary needs compared to the parents of children with allergies to peanut and tree nuts. The authors note  “…because eggs and milk are everywhere, and used to prepare so many dishes, caregivers with children allergic to those two ingredients feel more worried and anxious.”

Published Date: June 2014

Article Link:

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Experts mystified by the increase in food allergies

Target Audience: Everyone

Summary: Article based on recently released data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which has shown approximately 71 000 boys aged 2-18 years have peanut allergy or intolerance compared to only 39 000 girls. This is not the same however for other foods such as milk and gluten.  The data also shows almost 4 million Australians are avoiding a specific food due to allergy or intolerance. Well written article with some nice data and expert commentx by Sydney based Immunologists Dr Loblay and Professor Frankum.



Swiss International – First “Allergy Friendly” airline

Target Audience: All who travel by air with Allergies

Summary: A first step in airlines catering for those with allergies. Swiss international have been certified the worlds first “Allergy Friendly” carrier by ECARF