US fatality associated with anaphylaxis

Target Audience: Those with a history of anaphylaxis

Summary: Case fatality and population mortality associated with anaphylaxis in the United States

Article Source: The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Published Date: December 2013

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This article is reassuring for both those with a history of anaphylaxis and parents of children who suffer from serve allergic reactions. A US based review of deaths in patients admitted to hospital with anaphylactic reactions over a 4 year period show that the rate of deaths has stabilised at approximately 1 death in every 400 reactions: emphasising that the overwhelming majority of hospitalizations for anaphylaxis do not result in death. This again shows the life-saving benefits of following treatment guidelines, continual education and rapid medical intervention of allergic reactions have all resulted in curbing the number allergy related deaths despite the increasing prevalence of allergy.

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