The Spectrum of Wheat Sensitivity


Target Audience: Those with wheat and gluten induced medical conditions

Summary: This review article examines wheat and gluten related medical conditions including coeliac disease, wheat and gluten allergy, and gluten sensitivity.  They discuss the definition of each condition, the diagnosis and examine the scientific literature. Good article for those who are trying to get a better understanding of the differences between each condition.

Article Source: American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

Published Date: August 2014

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This article by David Armstrong and Elena Verdu on behalf of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) reviews the ever increasing spectrum of wheat and gluten related medical conditions. While coeliac disease is the most recognised of these disorders, they also discuss other wheat-sensitive conditions.

The authors explain the differences between the various wheat induced disorders and discuss the best methods of diagnosis. While the article is aimed at laboratory scientists there is some good easily digestible information for patients (excuse the pun).  One of the take home messages is the importance of excluding coeliac disease (usually via blood tests) before the commence of a gluten free diet in those who suspect they have gluten sensitivity, even if they do not have gastrointestinal symptoms.

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